Friday, January 14, 2011

Spring Semester

Christmas and New Years passed by so quickly I almost missed it. Now into 2011 college students are lining up waiting for their semester to start. With each new semester there are new expenses. Besides tuition, college textbooks are needed for just about every class.

College textbooks are not an expense taken lightly. I, personally, search high and low for the cheapest prices. Unfortuantly this cannot always be done. Some professors require specific editions or other add ons (like infotrac). This requires a full purchase which can range from $10 to over $200 per textbook.

While searching the internet I found a link called Neebo which is doing an amazing thing! They are offering a certain number of free, yes FREE, textbooks to students. This deal only lasts until they are gone so I recommend going asap!

Now if only they had my books available…